The Deep

IN 2017, I retired from music. I went on an inner journey that lead to the most profound spiritual awakening. I must add that this awakening was not simply gifted to me but was a result of tremendous efforts on my part that were rewarded by our divine lover. Those efforts included thousands of hours of independent research into the nature of our reality and the true nature of our existential predicament as humans. I have recently returned to the world of music yet I now have an additional and more important task. This tasks involves retracing all my steps that lead to my spiritual liberation and documenting them in the hope of helping another soul who is properly doing the inner work that leads to inner freedom. The process of divine alignment is formidable and it requires of a human, a desire greater than all worldly desires, in order to overcome the world. There are certain prerequisites in order to inhabit the holy of holies. Firstly, one must have a high level of self honesty that is able to reach higher. Secondly, one must purify and balance the emotional centre, the heart, which is the wellspring of life and the gateway to genuine spiritual endeavours. Thirdly, one must make their God the truth and nothing but the truth should possess them. It must also be remembered that the path of ascension is simultaneously one of descension. Any spiritual path glorifying the light and denying the valley of shadows is anti divine.

My youtube channel is dedicated to lifting the veil of reality. My aim is not to win followers but to encourage people to become masters of themselves, to reclaim their sovereignty and to awaken the dormant divinity within.

Johnny Deep