Mushroom Jazz

The vision of Mushroom Jazz is to deliver a cohesive fusion of electronic music and musician. It is common for the Jazz purist to set limits to what they consider true jazz. Yet to set such limits denies the true meaning of Jazz and live improvisation. Such limits could be justified when DJs meet with live musician and the latter is restricted in jazz expression by the atonal and unmusical nature of the DJ journey.

In Mushroom Jazz however, the vision is to dissolve such barriers. At the core of Mushroom Jazz is the DJ blending of deeply musical electronica that expresses exotic lounge, jazz, soul, funk, deep and afro house. The Deep consideration of the musical journey then allows the musician and percussionist to jazz deeply. When Mushroom Jazz succeeds in performance, it is due to the DJ/musician outfit improvising as one. Such an aim is in the hope of transcending the common clash between non musical DJ and musical musician.

Johnny Deep