Future Funk Project

The historic claims that ‘disco is dead’, back in the late 70s was as a result of the exploitation of the disco form. The disco beat was prostituted to sell any musically ridiculous idea and this created a necessary backlash from souled music lovers, not to mention the rockers of that time. Yet again, under the disco house tag, we are bombarded by a plethora of unoriginal disco inspired electronica.

The aim of The Future Funk Project is to give souled music lovers a home and respite from all this cheesiness. The goal is to restore funk and disco by showcasing the many deeper shades of modern house music that wonderfully fuse 70s elements with intelligent deep house programming. Such masterful fusion brings house music into a new form that I like to call deep disco and future funk. This project is 40 years in the making for it carries with it the seeds of my youth where the possibility of deeper funk was planted by my Father’s unique record collection.

The Future Funk Project is not here to merely naval gaze at a gone by era, however. This Project is here to reveal the depths of soul, disco and funk in our modern, electronic era.

Johnny Deep