Deep’s Tech

To the uninitiated, the tech genres all sound like one noise. Yet there are a myriad of tech shades that can be appreciated by the true tech lover. I once imagined creating a different DJ alias for different tech expressions but then, I would have too many DJ names. To sum my tech up, I aim to blend tech according to my inspiration applied to the needs of the dance floor. Needless to say, my tech journeys always exhibit deepness but this is not to say I’m an indulgent DJ negating the needs of my dancers. I’m quite at home spinning melodic electronica or quality progressive in order to evoke soul emotions for a tech loving crowd. I’m equally comfortable blending deeper Ibiza tech that has the special quality of being deep and club strong yet carries a fun and accessible element that keeps most clubbers happy. I also seize every moment I get to play more pure and minimal when I’m at the right club.

These are wonderful ‘no nonsense’ sessions where the dancer wishes to be cleansed of familiarity and saturated in minimal tech purity. The dance world would be lost without such latter, deep music lovers and deep music makers for it is in these depths that all other popular electronic forms steal their inspiration.

Johnny Deep