UK born Johnny Deep was raised on funk, jazz, reggae and disco in the late 70s/early 80s and then deeply absorbed and reflected house music from the start in 1985. Making tape collections of his favourite tunes at the age of 5, It was already clear to those around him that Johnny was destined to be a music pusher. it wasn’t just that Johnny loved music. It was his unique taste and a musical interest that was way beyond his tender age that made him unique. Johnny needed an audience and quickly.

He hosted his first radio show in Sydney called The Funk-shun at the age of 18. Weaving journeys in acid jazz, soul, dub reggae, jazz house, jazz funk, rock jazz, disco, progressive funk and happy hip hop he promptly gained a loyal listenership. A testament to Deep being a playmaker was that the average age of his listeners was twice his age and many of his callers were other DJs requesting a track list. He went on to host more than 1000 radio shows for 8 different dance radio stations in the UK and Australia. His big break was when he was chosen to be the exclusive RJ and DJ for the Ministry of Sound shows in Australia.

Johnny’s impeccable choice of music and blinding mixing techniques are not the only thing that sets him apart as a DJ. It’s his incredible versatility and depth. Live, has delivered absorbing deep house sets, bumping funky house sets, slamming hip hop and jungle sets, bad ass funky breaks sets, crunching techno sets and ear tingling lucid lounge sets. He is also truly the musician’s DJ. He meticulously prepares his sets to make sure singers, percussionists and musicians have room to express and can easily find the key to any track he’s dropping. He also musically directs the live performance ensuring that live performers create space in their playing for the DJ track. He has hosted countless successful music events in several countries where he realises his dream time and time again, to bring the live experience back to the DJ and the dance floor.

He has impressed audiences in some of the top clubs in Australia, Japan, Thailand, India, Spain and the UK. He has played at Space Lab Yellow(Tokyo’s #1 club) and has also played The Sunburn Festival in Goa (Asia’s largest festival) no less than 5 times. Deep has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such names as Pete Tong, Coyu, Arjun Vagale, Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez & many more.

As a producer Johnny fuses a unique blend of funk and psychedelic elements to create house and his originality has not gone unnoticed. His debut release, Mini Disco EP (Fairlad Digital) was quite stunning gaining 5 star reviews and gathering respect from the likes of house legends Greg Stainer and Doc Martin. Since then he has some 12 releases under his belt for label heavy weights PP Music(Mario Ochoa etc) as well as Italy’s Pizza Tunait & London Shuffle. His recent EP ‘Pantys Cottage’ has also gotten the nod from several quality DJ/Producers including Hernan Bass, Joseph Disco & Belocca. Fast forward to June 2017 and his latest EP offering ‘In too Deep’ on Lucidflow has powered into the Beatport charts debuting at #2 for deep tech releases.

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Johnny Deep